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Dino, Marco and Saro the pilgrim Street Child
Dino, Marco and Saro the pilgrim
Street Child
Dino, Marco and Saro the pilgrim
Dino, Marco and Saro the pilgrim

My Story

Hi fellas,

I, Marco and Saro the pilgrim are about to set off for another epic challenge.
This time we will cut through all the Balkans, crossing Albania, Greece and Turkey.
We'll start in Dures and we'll pin our flag in Istambul after 1,200km on the saddle of our loyal bicycles. Saro couldn't make it this time, but you will be with us every minute, brother.
We are doing that because we believe that doing something epic can inspire people to be great whatever is their personal challenge in everyday life.
Stop, think, plan, do, be great.

On a daily basis, we are bombarded from every angle by the futility of "modern society". Celebrities' gossips populate the front page of newspapers, and it looks like that having the latest phone or a branded T-shirt a became top priorities.
What does really matter? What does really enrich you? What should be considered a priority?
Many answers to that, but we like to think that helping someone who needs should be one of these answers, so we decide to support Street Child.
I was lucky enough to see the work this charity is doing in Sierra Leone. The country has been lately devastated by 11 years of civil war and the Ebola outbreak. Walking through the streets of Makeni makes you understand how difficult life can be, and saying that Street Child's impact on the community is life-changing is an understatement.
I have visited Schools, hospitals and community hubs and I can tell you that their job is tangible.

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Street Child